where do we start?

Published August 16, 2013 by ck


The first and foremost thing to take care of is, and it’s so simply you won’t believe it, RELAXATION ..

A relaxed mind in a relaxed body. What excites me so much about this is that the mind is a very complicated thing, doctors can only experiment with pharmaceuticals, try this, if it doesn’t work, try that, up the dose, down the dose, take this combination, try it in the morning, or maybe  it works better for you in the evening …

The body is a very straightforward science.

We need water, we need oils, we need nutrients, we need exercise, sunlight, fresh air, hugs ….

We can change our mood in a heartbeat, by changing our posture, by breathing, by changing our focus, by using our voice differently, and changing our language …  Try it out for yourself: Think of something that bothers you right now and say: I hate this! see how you feel. now say: I’m slightly peeved about this. .. how do you feel?

Another experiment: you are feeling anxious about something now. take a deep breath in, or three short sips of breath, a long breath out, look up to the sky, stretch up, breath in again, breath out while slowly bending to touch the floor, your toes or your knees; hang there. do it again. focus on the beauty around you. feel your breath refreshing you, feel your body working for you. aren’t you just a miracle? give thanks. end of experiment.

So your most important investment is you, your relaxation. Isn’t that great?! You have to, must, go for that massage, that fun event, that steam when you feel you need it! Don’t think, ah but I can’t afford it.  there is no investment more important than you. if you let it go until you are so ill that you can’t work, is that a better idea? that’s gonna be much more expensive! and much less fun!

Here’s an idea: let’s make a feel good list. write down all the things that you usually do to make you feel good. if you feel nervous, or anxious, or down, or frustrated etc., do you go for a run, run a hot aromatherapy bath, buy some flowers, listen to rock music or relaxation music … list the emotions and next to it what particular thing you do to feel better for every particular mood. And if you want to share your list here, that would be great!

Take care for now. and I mean, take good care of yourself!

Love and light to you.


any thoughts?

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