are you feeling a bit … ‘twitchy’ …?

Published August 21, 2013 by ck

irritated? angry? disappointed? let down?

here’s what to do: run a bath, nice and hot, as you like it …. soak … so you got stuff on your mind that really bothers you …

indulge in the drama … play it out in your mind while you soak (if that soak is not already ‘soaking it away’) …. play it out … get dirty with it …

when you had enough, pull the plug … let the water run out .. at some point it will feel like it’s pulling your whole body down the plughole …. good .. imagine that’s all the negativity you just played out in your mind, going down the drain …. deep breath in … and out … all that shit, going down the drain … adios! three short deep breaths in, one looooong breath out … repeat until you feel free/relieve …

get up! turn on the shower … if you want hot first, go for it … enjoy … wash down any possible remaining negative energy .. now cold! Refreshing!

It’s a new you!


any thoughts?

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