Nadi Shodana – Anuloma Viloma

Published December 18, 2013 by ck


Homework on Pranayama: Nadi Shodana – Anuloma Viloma

Doing Pranayama in the morning is a good start to the day.
It sets you up for the day in a good way.
Although I still cannot switch off my thoughts and am always thinking about my to do list, sitting cross legged with straight strong back, doing Pranayama feels like I’m cleansing my spine with breath and gives me a sense of rooting and grounding and of power and self reliance, as well as feeling connected with spirit. So, connected up and down, a sense of focus and being ready for the day/world.

Initially I forgot to use the bandhas, and they seemed to come in automatically on the second round, the right nostril.
The practice instantly felt more active, more powerful, more focused.
Ujay breathing in the middle and at the end also helps to calm and focus.

I found that when pausing between the breaths helped me to calm and focus.
When counting I was often just wanting to get to that last count, so just breathing without counting also seemed more relaxing. But I guess counting is necessary.
Why does the alternate breathing not calm me? Is it because I’m counting and I want to be done with it? Or is this the point, that it is supposed to invigorate?

So I am checking what the benefits are supposed to be.

They all seem to agree that it is calming.
So I will carry on and carry on observing. And I don’t mind the side effect of having both sides of my brain function optimally ☺


• The benefits of Alternate Nostril Breathing: Mr. Gandhar Mandlik (Rishi Dharmachandra) , Yoga Vidya Gurukul (University)
• Proper supply of oxygen is ensured and carbon dioxide is effectively removed.
• More oxygen is made available per breath, making the breathing most efficient.
• Blood is purified of toxins.
• Very effective for stress management.
• Helps reducing the anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses. Also it reduces hyperactive disorders related to mind.
• Balancing Ida and Pingala removes all the blockages in the pranic energy channels, which may lead to spiritual awakenings.

Anuloma Viloma creates a balance of energy in the brain and promotes optimal brain function, helping you achieve the highest potential of creative and logical verbal processes. The left side of your brain is where logical thinking occurs, and the right side is responsible for creative thinking. During Anuloma Viloma, the two sides receive the oxygen they need to perform with the same vigor, creating a balanced, more aware state of mind.
The Yogis believe this exercise was the best way to calm the mind and nervous system.

(A-B-C 0f
-optimum function to both sides of the brain
-optimum creativity and optimum logical verbal activity
-balance between a person’s creative and logical thinking
-best technique to calm the mind and the Nervous System.


any thoughts?

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