personal reflections at the end of another year

Published December 30, 2013 by ck

1. ok cupid, tinder and zoosk are a waste of time …. so is facebook but at least you feel like you are connected with your friends around the world, even just by getting a ‘like’ or seeing a picture of them, and that makes it worthwhile.
2. exploring/learning new ways of being … I”m gonna start with giving myself all the attention I need, not asking it from anyone else, and with focussing my efforts on what I really love. Is that called ‘being selfish’? Well, then, my new year’s resolution is to be really really selfish! 🙂 … wow, wonderful, feeling great already!
3. nobody’s opinion is the ‘bible’. it’s only their opinion, at a certain moment in time. don’t take it personal. it’s the reflection of their experiences in their life. it’s personal to them, not to you and I. Bless them and move on if you can’t accept or agree.
4. must remember that if someone is really negative over a long period of time, they are not that way because they want to be. they can’t help it, and must be helped. but you/I can only extend the offer, and maybe gently encourage to take it, never force it on them and never make it too easy either. if they want a way out they will make the effort. however, physical help may be needed. not necessarily chemical as in medication, but ‘nutritional healing’ could be a start. and yoga. nature. the outdoors. sunshine. fresh air. movement. and please try not to criticise. here’s your chance to practice being a ‘saint’ (forever patient and extending love). {but who wants to be a saint?}
5. most things are constructions of the mind. luckily our minds are very flexible and we can make a different construction to the one that doesn’t make us feel good. why not, it’s all made up anyway. might as well be Pollyanna!Forever live Pollyanna!


any thoughts?

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