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intention and committment

Published January 2, 2014 by ck

to make sure I fulfill 200 hours I commit to dedicating 33min daily to my personal practice. if I miss it, make up for it. free to go with the flow. start with however, whatever feels right, needed, follow the flow, listen to my body and follow its needs. see what happens. over time I will have developed a deep understanding, personal to me, instead of following someone’s routine, on a dvd, when i don’t feel like it at all .. i am giving myself permission to do whatever feels right in those 33 mins on the mat, as long as i stay on the mat. asanas, mantras, pranayama, headstand only, writing, meditating … and see where this path takes me.
OM Shanti.


day 1 in the new year

Published January 2, 2014 by ck

Mantra Meditation with Deva Premal and Miten. Abundance.
Generosity brings abundance.
Great, so I should be fine there …

The Radiance Sutras, open random page, says,
… Gaze out at space,
Aware of multicolored luminosity
Permeating everywhere…
All space is the same,
Inside you and far away.
Lose yourself in spaciousness,
Come home to your true Self.”

Your true Self, that is abundance.
Your true Self, that is blessed with many talents, given to you to live out loud (or quietly, however you like, however you feel it) … Abundance is already, and abundance will always be. We must only stop to separate us, to see ourselves separate from it.
Experiment for the year 2014.
Live abundance!